"Theology is the systematic study of the nature of the divine and, more broadly, of religious belief. It is taught as an academic discipline, typically in universities and seminaries. It occupies itself with the unique content of analyzing the supernatural, but also deals with religious epistemology, asks and seeks to answer the question of revelation. Revelation pertains to the acceptance of God, gods, or deities, as not only transcendent or above the natural world, but also willing and able to interact with the natural world and, in particular, to reveal themselves to humankind. While theology has turned into a secular field, religious adherents still consider theology to be a discipline that helps them live and understand concepts such as life and love and that helps them lead lives of obedience to the deities they follow or worship." - ( 01.10.2019)

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Topic of study / discipline Philosophy Johann Gottfried Herder (1744-1803), Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) Kaliningrad 1762-1764
Topic of study / discipline Law, Philologie Johann Gottlieb Fichte (1762-1814) Jena 1780-1781
Topic of study / discipline professor Johann Gottlob Marezoll (1761-1828) Göttingen 1787

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